January 2010

I’m always open to feedback about what we do here at the newspaper, but one of the most frustrating things I’ve had to do as editor is explain to people why we changed the crossword puzzle last year.

We actually had no choice. For years, we purchased the crossword puzzle from Tribune Media Services, but last March, TMS announced it would no longer be offering puzzles from long-time Crossword Editor Wayne Robert Williams.

We tried a couple of different crosswords, but none were as popular as the TMS crossword. And I heard more complaints about the crossword than any other change we’ve made in recent years.

But I’m happy to announce that we are now once again publishing the crosswords of Wayne Robert Williams. Wayne has branched out and started his own business, and the M-I will be one of his first customers.

I expect that the crosswords will be similar to what you came to enjoy for years in the M-I. But I don’t regularly do the crossword, so I hope to hear from those of you who do.


Today’s edition of the Messenger-Inquirer marked the return of four sections on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Last year, we decided to go to a two-section paper on Monday and Tuesday in an effort to better control newsprint costs on the days of the week when advertising is generally at its lowest.

The reality is, however, that the papers were almost always the same size as before – 20 to 24 pages – but they were packagedĀ in two sections rather than four.

The primary complaint I heard from readers was not that the paper contained less news than before (because it didn’t) but rather people liked the four sections because it makes the paper easier to share with the rest of the family.

We will also begin a new section on Tuesday called “The Link,” which will focus on how technology is impacting our daily lives. We hope you enjoy the changes.